Meditation to Lord Melchizedek and his Disciples:

Before starting, now I Am connecting with my I Am Presence, please guide me through this meditation with Lord Melchizedek and his Disciples.

I call upon Lord Melchizedek and his Disciples to assist me with the Acceleration and Advancement of my Light Bodies, an hence, my 4 lower bodies are cleansed, healed and purified.   

I ask the Melchizedek Disciples to place Light Packets or Orbs filled with Cosmic Energy into my aura, so this Orbs will slowly melt into my being throughout the day and will continue while I sleep.

I Am also asking the Melchizedek Disciples to Shower Their Light onto and into my being while meditating according to my stage of spirituality growth and leve.

I desire  the Melchizedek Disciples to place a small orb of Platinum and Golden Energy into my mind to eliminate confusion, enhancing clarity and clear vision of the mind and third eye.

Finally, I desire the Melchizedek Disciples to Anchor the Platinum and Golden Energy of the Cosmic Level into my Being.

I Am to respect this intense Energy and Respect my own physical body.

Today I Am to use this energy on……..      

So that the Melchizedek Disciples can focus their Energy and Work with me on the Spiritual Evolvement Techniques that I  have requested, and further enhancing the Energy that I have already receive from the other Masters.

Now  sit peacefully and being receptive to The Energy, again, ten minutes is sufficient to Anchor and Experience the Intensity of Their Powerful Energy.

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