Lady Pallas Athena


With this transmission, I am closing this Petition / Book finally. Even though there are still so many topic I would love to include, such as the wonderful Light Attunement Programme that we are doing. I guess these will be materials for the other book.

For the purpose of Petition, and with this encouragement from Lady Pallas Athena, I have found the Peace of Mind to proceed to the other UNSEEN!

Lady Pallas Athena

Beloved heart,

We have never rally had a conversation, except when I was given you my sponsorship the other night together with Beloved Kuan Yin.

It is time that we talk seriously, if you may call a sincere conversation serious! Have no fear, my dear, I am only going to straighten up a few points.

Dear one, you are still thinking that you have only been awaken for a short time! Is that so?

You have listened to so many Kyron videos about how Human thinks in Lineal time! And yet, you keep doing the same mistake! Even though in many occasions you have been shown you are Multi Dimensional. What about this “Famous” vision that you have? Isn’t it the best example of Multi dimension?

So my dear, in order for you to move forward, you must stop giving yourself more excuses! Yes, you are giving yourself excuses! Not only by insisting in term of time, but also with this skin illness that you have!

You have innate memories in you from many past lives where you know how to HEAL! Making little steps withe Reiki or what Not is delaying your from revealing your memories blue print!

Now time have come for you to be truly of Who You Are. Honour that my dear. Now you can connect with US so easily, what else you can’t do?

Present your petition and move forward, there is much to do. And I am looking forward to be with you next time.

You are dearly loved!

Pallas Athena.

Note: Every since July, after a few exchange with Peter, from a discourse of  Pallas Athena: Cosmic Law of Petition, part 2, I have started to say this prayer every morning, ever since, hardly miss a day. It has become a ritual for me to connect with Mother Vesta in the morning too.

 ‘Mighty God in me! I face Thy Eternal Sunrise and receive Its Mighty Radiance and Activity, visibly manifested in my experience.’


You can’t extinguish a ‘Fire’ that is already Burning! Set Right Intention!

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