My sweet little one, I hear you. Feel our fingers, toes, knees and foreheads touching, take in my breathe.

You do not need to demonstrate anything to the World. You are as precious as you can be for being Who You Are!

It will come a time when you can do more, now is the time for your Remembrance and Learning. Not as you intent in learning of new knowledge, but Learning to be Who You Are from this Life and many other Lifetimes that you have lived. Learning once again to be a citizen of the Galaxy and communicate with telepathy, communicate with US one the other side of the Veil. Learning to overcome that Fear that so deeply rooted in your sub-conscious.

You still have difficulties in accepting download, that’s why your body react with allergies. Communicate with your ‘I Am’ Presence, let your ‘I Am’ Presence take the lead, to guide you through this process.

Send assurance and love to your Past lives that All Is Good. I am here holding space for you.

Be brave my dear little one, I send you embraces every moments. You are loved immensely, dear heart.


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