Short Transmission Mixed


Dear child,

Why you still have doubt. Once again you are ready to throw out everything because of your insecurity.

Don’t we show you enough? Don’t you feel our love pouring through every atom of the universe?

You are exactly where you should be. Keep on going my dear heart.

Let your heart sing. Do it. Be it.

We are here, circling your being, cheering for you.

Know your enemy. Face it. Kill it.

Your loving Brother


It is not coincidence you start to do Ajna center breathing, together with the book. Keep on going.


Dear child, are you feeling better now?

(Yes, thank you Brother DK.)

The Healing of a person is within his/her Heart. With the Heart open to healing, this person can heal themselves. It is a matter of Faith in knowing their God Given Right to be healthy and perfect. A Healer is nothing but a conduit to bring the message of God to this person.

When you know that Your are God, all you need to do is to call on the ‘I Am’ Presence. You Human put so much limitation in your ability and right to be ‘I Am’ Presence Perfect Being. As Jesus the Christ has stated: All I do, you can do more.

When you don’t even believe that you can heal yourself of a common cold! Illness is an illusion. See, your ‘I Am’ Presence  in Perfect Health, and Perfect Health You Are.

Keep doing it my dear child. No time to waste. Drop your ‘Baggage’. Let’s go, Let God.

Do not simply write them down! BE IT! BE ‘I AM’ PRESENCE.



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