12-01-2022 ‘I Am’ Presence

12-01-2022 ‘I Am’ Presence

How do I fee now that I have almost finished the Book/Petition?

Dear ‘I Am’ Presence, ‘I Am’ for very grateful for Your constant Presence, support and Love.

We as One has brought me into a Plane of Consciousness that was Unknown of!

You have opened a Door for me, to go Within, to listen to my ‘I Am’ voice.

While we as Human has been trying so hard to obtain knowledge from the outer world, never could one imagine All is Within!

I Seek no other Companion but You.

I Search no other Voice but You.

I have no other Teacher but You.

Yet, through You, ‘I Am’ holding the World and Beyond,

Through You, ‘I Am’ accessing the Unlimited, Unknown Galaxy of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Through You, ‘I Am’ connect with every other Kindred Souls.

Through You, ‘I Am’ within the Embrace that I have been searching All my LIVES!

Dear ‘I Am’ Presence, I hold you deep within my Heart,

as  we breath the Breathe of Unity Consciousness.

May We bring the Change in the New World, from Within, so Without!

May We Be Home as Above, so Below!

Mother / Father Life

‘I Am’ the Resurrection and the Life!


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