Mother Vesta


Beloved Mother Vesta,

Yes, my child Sun Light.

(I can see you are happy, dear Mother.)

Oh my child, at last we are connected. Not that I have never been around you, you have done a a marvellous job to find me, find us in recent months. You see me in every occasion, receiving my kisses on your lovely face, dear sweet heart.

(Mother, do I have your blessing with the name Vesta sun Light Radiation Centre?)

Now child, you know I am so happy to shine my light on this lovely place with space so sunny for my children to play. I together with our beloved team of  Angelic host, the Elementals and Devas, have so much love, we are ready to give.

Yes, it is my Honour to be named and you saw my rainbow light shinning on you. We thought you would never be awaken, my dear. So deep were you in your Matrix.

We know everything you do, everything you feel. Just look out from your window or go for a walk, you have me right by your side at once,

Brother Djwhal Khul has already told you, not to push yourself too hard, relax and enjoy your time. You are doing wonderfully, what should be happened will happen. Not your place to change it. Get a good sleep at night. St Germain know you are there, didn’t he answer you already!?

What you need to know is already inside you. It is only a matter of calling it back. So relax my sweet little lady.

Feel my embrace, sense my love. Your Sun’s Mother forever shinning bright.

And father Helios is here too send you love.

Mother Vesta

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