Kuan Yin / Round Table


My Beloved,

(I was thinking of you all day, these few days. What ‘I Am’ dong now is because of you, my Beloved Kuan Yin. Your ‘Heart Mantra’ means so much to me, thank you.)

Om 心經 HEART MANTRA 7 times – Akata

Dear child of the star, I am just so happy to see you make so much progress in such a short time. The Love I have for you is immense. I see that you are wrapping up with your Book, and you would you would like to talk to me again.

Oh what can I say, there is no suggestion as it is your ‘I Am’ expression. What you have done so far is an excellent demonstration how one person when open up his/her heart, all becomes possible.

(Will you come?)

What are silly question! We are going to be so busy moving among the Radiation centers around the Erthe. And I love it so much the expression is using by Beloved St. Germain and Djwhal Khul to have our chairs ready!

You must pay very much attention to your Personality and Ego. In the last weeks, there were time you lost the hold and expressed with your old Self, the angry Self! Know that the dark is forever in look out to Pull back dear Souls like you!

Ask for guidance at once, call on any of us, look up at the sky and you are Home.

You need to learn much better control of yourself, your temper dear Heart! Your family, they are taking their ‘Free Will’ for their own Paths, there is nothing much you can do for them, but keep loving them. You know families like yours, friends, and many person at one point they will face such suffering and you need to be so strong to stay by their sides.

Yes, you have asked us to interviene, when you go off Track, and yes, we will be there to guide you back. With this, you need to take your responsibility as well, which we have no doubt.

The energy is changing so fast at this moment, sometimes it might seems hard for you to comprehend, and adjust with  physical discomfort. But this discomfort also an indication of your dis-alignment.

When you can open up your ‘I Am’ Presence and fully align with Mother/Father God, you will feel much better, and Heal yourself on the way. Can’t call on Brother Djwhal Khul always can you?

One step at a time dear heart, let your shoulder down, relax, all is well, I shall speak to your again, you are much loved.

Kuan Yin

(I have forgot to ask your sponsorship!)

Yes, of course I will be your sponsor. It would be my Honor, dear heart.

(So I thought I have finished channeling, but I felt something strange with my stomach, and I was still in the half/half stage….. then Lady Pallas Athena came forward)

Yes, dear one, you have been reading my words, and it is not a coincidence.

What  I need to say, you are already reading them.

Yes, I Am here to be with our beloved Kuan Yin to confirm my sponsorship to your endeavour.

Be at Peace, my love.

Lady Pallas Athena

(within very short break, came Yeshua and Mary of Bethany)

How can we not be your sponsors. Welcome Home, sweet heart. Much looking forward to embrace you again and hear your laughter. And Grandmother Anna is holding you in her Heart.

Yeshua and Mary

(another transmission with Lady Pallas Athena on the final page of the Petition.

(next came St. Germain)

Do I need to say more? Go Akata, go and take your Freedom back. Be your own ‘I Am’ authority in your world.

St. Germain

(then Djwhal Khul)

Hummm, I appreciate your effort in doing the Breathing exercise and you have much benefit from it. Yes, get my chair ready. There is much to establish in the New Education system and you of course, have so much to learn too.

Djwhal Khul

 Lord Melchizedek

(I really thought that is it, that I have finished here with Brother Djwhal Khul, then at  the back of my mind, I see a figure….  Lord Melchizedek???)

Yes dear one, I know you were not expecting my Presence!

I do like to make surprise, you know!

So here is my sponsorship without you asking and you will understand more with time!

Now dear one, go to sleep, you need a good sleep after transmitting the lot of US.

Lord Melchizedek

(wow, what a night!!! Am I the one making this all up???)


(a voice from somewhere just said that! I am going to sleep now….Do I just witness a Round Table???)

“Doubt is not a bad thing! It implies that the reason you question is because there is something from deep within you that is trying to rise to the surface to let you know that you have known this “better thing” before. Doubt implies you have known before, but just at this moment you simply just don’t remember. When you doubt you don’t remember because of the power of your mind and the illusions that you have made are stronger than your Will to Remember. The act of doubting gives evidence that there is an opportunity being offered to you to look at your old beliefs and subject them to an alternative way of thinking…… Doubt is in direct alignment  with confusion. And Know this; doubt asks for Truth and so the Truth must come!

(Lord Melchizedek Narayana and divine Grace)

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