Archangel St. Michael 11-01-2022


Blessing dear one,

(do I have your blessing for the Radiation Centre Petition?)

Yes, my dear, but we need to go further into understanding what you will be doing. We talked about time last time, which as you know, time and space does not exist, not in your linear time anyway.

Time depends on how you apply yourself into this Path of Mastery. Nevertheless, we can see in a near future, there is possibility that we can start the actual work.

Now as you also know, the EGA is moving rapidly in many directions, hence, also your Project could be influenced by it and benefit by the general recognition of the whole scheme.

Do not let this vision fall into the background, keep your Heart Flame always burning as you are now.

Be the Warrior that you are and goodbye dear one.

You are dearly loved


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