27-12-2021 Teton

27th December 2021

I went to sleep with anguish that I have serious allergic reaction again. It seems that it is a sort of test, to prove myself to be a true healer. This allergy is part of the shadow side of me, just when I think I am doing fine, then with the guard down, or letting people with low frequency around me, BOOM! There I am once again, with itching skins and inflammation.

Christmas has been tough, lots of nerve…. and my body just saying: do something, or you are down again!!!

So I didn’t know if I set the right intention in visiting the Teton Retreat, but just before dawn, there was a list in front of move that keep running as if the negative film for cinema, just keep on running. That was so quick, fast forward in high speed, as if they are saying, ok, you asked for it, but we are not sure you should read it….

But 1 Chinese word stood out: 佛 Buddha, Buddhist, Buddhism.

(this I ask Brother Djwhal Khul)

Oh, one more thing, there was a message: you don’t really want to know, you had not been always a Fine person, you have also done horrible things you know, that also come to your Karma…


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