27-12-2021 DK

(Dear Brother Djwhal Khul, I am in the process in preparing the Petition, do you like the name: Becoming Lotus?)

Do you see me smiling dear one?

(Yes, I do.)

(Last night during the dream, I was shown a list of my past lives, it was going through so quickly, as if they show it to me, but didn’t want me to read anything!!! But 1 word I caught in Chinese repeatedly: 佛 as Buddhist. Do you know that I had been a Buddhist in the past?)

Dear one, whenever you heard the name Gobi desert, you heart quicken, it has always been a calling to you, and it was a long long time ago before time ever exist in your world.

It is no wonder when you read the Golden City on Beloved St Germain discourse, you went straight to do searching….

Akata, it is time for Remembrance, or better, it is time to accept Who You Truly Are! Be the Akata of your Destiny!

We connected almost at once you started the Rule study, even you never really understood what was those lessons!

Since then, you are pushing yourself too hard, thinking you don’t know anything, believing you started too late… Is it really the case?

All you need to know is in your intuition. You FLOW with the waves. Do not forget this part of you. FLOW.

Today you were thinking: no amount of knowledge or wisdom can bring you Home. It is Love and ONLY LOVE.

Well, you have it there, my Beloved sister, Love and Wisdom, Wisdom and Love, put it whatever ways you like, Be It.

Don’t you have doubt any longer, you are exactly where you should be, doing what you should do. You have let us bring you across the World, you have let life bring you to every new adventure, without thinking it too much. You have this Faith in you, knowing everything will be fine.

And it is the same you need to keep on doing, don’t ever loss it, FLOW.

No more silly questions. Keep on going and be aware, very much aware of whatever forces that try to bring you down.

Some days you are struggling with this illusion world, stripping down baggage, letting your love one free to go. Yet, you have always, ALWAYS be the person You Are, never back down or step aside. Not even when you were a little girl.

St Germain salutation in the Teton Retreat: May You Pass Every Test!

You have pass them all without knowing it!

Now back to work and know that I Am always around and close to you.

Get My Chair Ready!

Brother Djwhal Khul

Ok, ok, ok!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I Am Grateful, I Am Grateful, I Am Grateful!

Half an hour later, I was reading the part 3 of True Constitution:

We have shared many times how in Luxor, the Aspirant, (the first stage of being a seeker of Truth), is left alone with nothing in the way of informational materials, except the flow of energy from his or her own Presence into his or her heart. They are bereft of books and any extraneous means of studying so that he or she ‘may know him or herself first’. As you know, while there is any diversion that can occupy the attention of the outer self he or she will not contemplate the source from whence it sprang. In all religious orders contemplation of God is designed to acquaint the individual with the flow of God’s Life which is ever-present, but those subtle vibrations are scarcely ever felt in the tumult of daily living.

Mankind, feel that the Saint, the Seer and the Holy Person are particularly Sanctified and are Anointed by Grace, which does not apply to the masses. This is such a fallacy. They are only the men and women who have become ‘still enough’, to Recognize the God Life that Flows as freely through the most unawakened as through the Heartbeat of Beloved Jesus or any Divine Member of the Human Race, or dare I say the Hierarchy that Govern this world.

When you know, therefore, that individuals who have reached this Spiritual Grace, through Divine Spirituality and not human spiritualism, for there is a vast difference between these Processes, have merely tapped a Reservoir which is Open to all, and will give hope and strength to the consciousness of the people who have not yet tasted of that Sweet Water of Spiritual Grace which Flows Untouched through their experience each day, should they give their Full Willingness to Contemplate the Power of Their Lifestream and Allow Its Great and Ever-Present Protection and Perfection Work for them and through them, as IT so Earnestly Desires To Do.

When an individual on Planet Earth, for example, has expanded his or her Light to a point where more than ordinary Power can be safely focused through him or her, the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, is immediately advised of this Fact by the Christ Self of the individual, and the Sponsor from the Ascended Host of Light, Who has taken the Responsibility for assisting such a one, to then assist the further expansion of his or her Light. If the Lifestream is found pure enough and balanced enough to become an outpost of the More-Than-Ordinary Powers, Gifts and Activities of the Godhead and Its Representative Organization for the Planet Earth, the Cosmic Councils of Light, such a 17 one is INVESTED with Specific Magnetic Currents, which will draw toward the individual, lifestreams Who can Work in Harmony with such a one and Form the Mystic Circle around them where a localized, national or international Expansion of Light will take place.

Now, in the Case of the Great Cosmic Messengers, Like Gautama Buddha and Jesus, you will remember, or will discover in your own time, how the Master would Greet a newlycome expected one with the words, ‘I have waited long for thee’, the Master Knowing Full Well that the Magnetic Power of Cosmic Love would, in God’s Good Time, Draw Those Specifically dedicated individuals who were and are to Become the Inner Core of the Circles, of the Radiating Centres, the Hands and Feet of Their Father and Mother God, Lord and Sponsors, The Cosmic Councils of Light, and, by which Their Messages and Their Words from God might be stepped down to reach the lesser sons of men. So, if you have heard this statement personally or through other Sources that have come from the Higher Realms ‘We Are Waiting’, this would have been a gentle nudge from the Masters who are your Sponsors of which you have Agreed when you had the Mind of God to Commence at a certain Moment your Real Work! Call it a Reminder if you like!

The call was indeed ‘I have been waiting Long for Thee’! The response from you, would have shown the Master if you were ready or not, at the time you received the message.

In Forming the Inner Circle for the Expansion of the Father’s Light and Mother’s Love, whenever an individual is ‘fired up’ to ‘Rise Up in the Name of God’, with the Holy Desire to become a Focus for the added Power and Responsibility, there will be Drawn Around that Lifestream, those individuals who choose to become a localized Radiation Centre, with Grants and Dispensations for the Extra-Ordinary Instructions on how to Radiate From those Central Circles which shall Represent the Sun (the ‘I AM’ God Presence and the Masters), Surrounded by the Messengers and Their Disciples and Initiates Who, in turn, shall Carry Their Love, Light and Understanding to other Local Groups (the planets of the Spiritual Organisms and the local Groups in turn nourishing and developing mankind cradled in Their Auras.)

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