24-12-2021 Teton

24th December 2021

A city was under siege, many die, many wounded.

One soldier lying on the battle ground, heavily injured and he knew his hour was near, he was going to die.

The enemy was entering into the city wall, he knew very soon he would be hanged or tortured by their soldiers. No mercy, is always how War has destruct lives eons of times in Human History.

He decided that this time, at least for him something was different! He would take charge of his own destiny, his own death!

Now he was standing on the edge of the cliff, looking at the Moon in complete darkness…… “I am coming Home”.

What is the message behind such vision?

Was his service as a soldier the right cause?

Did he has the authority by cosmic law to take his own life?

Was it a gesture of bravery?

Do we stand on our Truth till the last Breath?

To you the interpretation.


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