19-12-2021 Teton


I found myself siting on the Automatic Accelerator. At one moment, my allergy on the throat is gone, I started to feel the calmness inside me. Beloved St. Germain was joking that since I have burned the Petition instead of waiting for the end of the month, that there is no going back, they can only comply with my requests, with a cheeky simile on his face. Then Grandmother Anna was saying that the misalignment that I have this life time is the accumulation from so many life times before. It is not easy to heal what is here after all that suffering eons of time.

It is no coincidence, that today in a book shop, I picked a tourist guide book of Florence ( who ever would read a guiding book of his/her city after 30 years living here!!!), that St. Anna is the Patron of Florence.  

In Church of Orasamichele, has a painting a fresco by Mariotto di Nardo that depicts St Anne holding the city of Florence in her arms, clasping an entire city to her breast, a very usual imagine.

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