07-12-2021 Teton

07-12-2021 02:00

First night ever entered the Retreat in the Teton Mountain. At the beginning, so much light inside my mind eyes….. seeing the mountain in the background.

This chinese character came to me:  念 = 今+心

今: This, Today, Now, Current, Present, Modern

心: Heart

念: Miss/Missing, Yearn, Longing, Desire to see/meet again

From the present moment, zero point, one is looking backing in the past. May be the past in terms of Time, may be the past in terms of life given up/ shredding in order to be here today. Since 15th Nov, in separation with my husband. Now I sleep in the studio, my sanctuary. Nov till 23rd Dec Saturn making an aspect of natal Pluto. The Plutonic peace life work, feel the urge to change but somehow you feel that you have been blocked. I have been striped of a lot of excessive baggage, rejuvenating, get to the bare bone of very essence.

Our heart still yearn for the KNOWN, while the present is leading me to the UNKNOWN. LET IT GO, AND LET GOD.

Zeus, he was angry and punishing a false Divine who has committed a crime/violence against a little boy!

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