To ‘I Am’ Presence


Dear Ego,

Now that I have faced you directly and squarely, ‘I Am’ is taking over the COMMAND. You place yourself in the backseat, or rather inside the trunk.

You are no long EGO with the capital letters, but ego with the smallest letters. You have served me well over the past 52 years and many other life times before that. Now is the TIME to LET’S GO AND LET GOD.

Thank you and goodbye.

Cheung Yin Chie Genevieve

Akata Sun Light


Last night dream: Priestess, sexual practice, Magdalenes…

Knowing Who You Are,

The Remembrance

Who are you that come to my dream? Giving me embrace that I do not feel in this world?

The dogma for centuries has imprison our sexuality. It has become nothing but a physical practice for many. A mean to generate the next generations. Or in some cases, the egoic practice has pushed it into the Darkest shadow where many are victims by the Elite.

So much to bring out, to break the chain that has enslaved us for centuries and eons of time.

To my Higher Self: will I ever met my Twin Flame and/or Twin Ray in this lifetime? Or I can only meet him/her in dreams, or when I am Ascended?

He is waiting for you on the other side of the veil. There is no time and space, dream time can be truer then real live. Live Multi dimensional, You are living them all at the same time.


22-12-2022 ‘I Am’ Presence

My Beloved ‘I Am’. I love you, I love you, I love you.

This little voice inside me, who has always been here with me, talk to me, guide me, help me, protect me.

It takes me more than 50 years finally to acknowledge You, my ‘I Am’ Presence. But we have so many more years to stay together, now that we have found each other. We shall stay in this New Erthe as long as it is required of us. There is so much works to be done, so much to prepare.

We are going to prepare the New environments for the New Children of the New Erthe.

Only if I know it sooner My Beloved ‘I Am’.

We are standing firm to our the Truth with the Sword and the Shield of ArchAngel Michael. We shall face every difficulty, every obstacle with the open arms. We shall move forward with the Power of God vested in Us.

Dearest friend of my world, it is my great Honour and Privilege to make this wonderful, joyous, beautiful acquaintance with You, my ‘I Am’ Presence.

We Are God in me and Christ Also.

‘I Am’ that ‘I Am’.

In Love we Share

29-12-2022 To my Higher Self ‘I Am’ Presence

Dear Higher Self, my ‘I Am’ Presence, please come to live inside my heart every moment during the day and night.

To see how you see,

To hear how you hear,

To feel how you feel,

To touch how you touch.

If by chance during any moment, I have forgotten your Presence, please come to knock on my door inside my Heart to tell me:  yoooohooo, where have you gone? Come back and Be together!

You are my Twin Flame, my Soul mate, my Eternal Wisdom that never fail.

I can still see so vividly the Little Girl who talked to herself behind the closed door. By growing up, I have forsaken you to the Matrix, distancing myself further away from you, my Soul. Thank you for staying close every moment even when I was totally asleep and unconscious of your Presence.

Now that we have found each other again, let not be separated any longer. Be One.

I love you, I love you, I love you.


A simple heart felt letters, no grand words, no useless promise, simple honesty. From that moment on, I am marching into this new direction. I dear say, my ‘I Am’ Presence is ever presence. The task in putting everything together, writing non-stop, finding the right information, the rhythm with which to work together is simply Magic.

In doing so, I get to understand myself more each day. It is like paying an Etheric Psychologist to analyst this life, past and future lives…. and there is only one conclusion, not matter the directions one takes: Home! One! Be!

Side note: I am writing this at 2:00 am in the middle of the night, it seems that I can go on forever……

Every now and then, I feel a cool breeze on my face! Oh, I am never alone, many are here with me, together we are doing this, I may not be able to give you the names of each of them.

Please hear me, thank you, thank you, eternal thank you.


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