Spring / Flow


Winter is toward the End,

Light descends on Earth.


I Am the Dove,

I Am your Dove.

It is a long way to come this far, my Brothers and Sisters.

I invite you to join me in the 5D World,

Not tomorrow, not in the future,


We are blessed and loved beyond measure.

We are the brave to take on this journey

with difficulties facing every single moments in our lives.

Each Experiences shared by you are my Experiences.

Each Feelings shared by you are my Feelings.

Each Knowledge and Wisdom shared by you

are my Knowledge and Wisdom.

You are in Me, with Me, through Me.

Here we are, our Zero Point

For a new adventure, a new future.

One day we shall meet, and the tears of joy are free to Flow.

Day 141 Akata 23-10-2021

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