The ultimate Purpose of our existence is Service, service for the Greatest Good of all.

In order to be able to render our Service to the Bigger Whole, not to ourselves, not to our personal gain or benefit, not to only our families and our immediate world, but with the Cosmic principal in mind to Do Good for All.

To do this we need Stability ( stable Mind), Serenity (Calm Heart), then the Merging of the Mind and Heart: Strength (the Whole of our Being, Body and Soul), to prepare for the Service (The Future, The Plan).

In our day-to-day life, so often we are being confronted with the illusion world of all kind of difficulties and obstacles. Sometimes, we as Human, could/would go into despair or being discouraged with our possibilities and abilities to carry out the Plan. Especially if we rely only on ourselves, believing that we are simply Human, the Separated Self!

Almighty God, it is exactly when and where we must call upon, the Mother’s Love and Father’s Light, to give us guidance and power to go forward.

We are Not Alone.

We are Not the Separated Self.

We are the Sons and Daughters of God.

We are ‘I Am’ God Presences.

Thinking it through, there is no more separation. Calling on God, call upon the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, the Dragons….. whoever you align with, doesn’t really matter, we are One.

‘I Am’ God’s Hands,

‘I Am’ God’s Eyes,

‘I Am’ God’s Ear,

‘I Am’ God’s Mind,

‘I Am’ God’s Heart.

Be Still, and Know that ‘I Am’ God!

With this firmly planted inside our Mind and Heart, Go Forth. Nothing, but Nothing can ever stop Us.

As ArchAngel Gabriel said, it is our Responsibility to prepare for the New World, for the New Age, above all, for The New Children.

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