Project Prayer:

Project Prayer – Akata

“Beloved Father, Divine Mother Within and All around Me: “You have placed in My Heart a Great Desire to give forth unto the world the Message of this Proposal called ‘Vesta Sun Light Radiation Centre.’

I know that this is Your Desire and that You have chosen me as the medium through whom You will bring it into manifestation. I now ask You to remove from me everything that hinders the outward manifestation of this Desire, and that You now supply me with all the means necessary to give Perfect Expression to ‘The Elemental Grace Alliance;’ both in my own life  and to the billions of my Brothers and Sisters in the manner in which You  Command to Express Your Loving Idea. Guide and Direct me Dear God/Goddess with Your Will To Be Made Manifest here on Earth.

“As You have privileged me to be Your Holy Instrument and Messenger to give to the world this new potential and activity, I ask that You quickly enable me to bring it into use, and that You Guide me in all my ways to that end and bring to Your Work the greatest possible returns for Earth and All Its Life Forms to be at One with Your Divine Attributes, Qualities and Virtues. It is Your Work, Your Idea, Your Divine Will and Your Holy Desire, I Am here to be of the Greatest Service That I Can Be for You!

And So It Is!

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