My Soul Invocation:

My Soul Invocation – Akata

Dear God/Goddess:

“Beloved All-Provider, You Who art my Inexhaustible Supply, my Sufficiency in all things: I hereby covenant with You to devote this my human life in all its form, My Soul, and everything You have given to me for Your  Service; to work from this moment forth only for You, letting You Guide and Direct me in all things.

“In return I ask only for Love, Wisdom, Power and Understanding that I may know Your Will and Your Meaning when You speak directly to me,  and for the Strength never to doubt Your unfailing Supply and Support.

“In the Name of The Holy Father, The Divine Mother, the human will to do, and The Holy Spirit; In the Presence of the Christ Jesus in Me, I Am That I Am, I accept that this is Eternally and Inexorably My Incorruptible, Indestructible, Untouchable Connection of My Life in You.

“And So It Is – Amen.”

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