Kuan Yin 29-10-2021

Dear Child,

Listen carefully, now you know to to identify the sensation you feel when there is download, when there is communication.

This is Kuan Yin here, my child. You see the energy that you are connecting with your Rainbow Bridge, Antahkarana. Yes, it is the evidence being given to you for the building of your Antahkarana. It is not coincident that it is shown in your petition’s place in San Casciano.

You will face many difficulties, have no fear. Today you have seen it for the first time without wild grassed, a jungle. So you can identity better how you could transform this place in external. Your vegetable garden will produce plenty, dear one.

When face with difficulties have faith, call on us. We are always around you. When you have this tingling feeling, you know one of us is around, close to you.

Remember who you are.


Eheyer Asher Eheyer

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