27-10-2021 DK

Brother Djwhal Khul   27-10-2021

I would like to bring you back to the beginning of this Rule study. Do you remember how was your state of Being?

The awareness of your Soul Selves. The awareness of this lonely journey. Yet, for the first time in your lives, you are being engulf by a group unity. Have you been able to integrate your personality to join with the other deal souls in this group, or are you still acting as an individual?

You started by closing the Door behind and jumping into the Dark. Have you found the Light in the Dark?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, take this as the final opportunity to truly question yourselves of your progress (so to speak).

Some of you have completed this Rules study with diligent, but remain nevertheless a separated individuals.

Free choice, that is you made your own choice, dear brothers and sisters. How many times shall we keep on pushing the same message.

Dear Akata here has her heart raising so fast, can’t believe what she is writing and afraid to bring it forward. Dear souls, try to listen to your hearts, sincerely without illusion.

Your Brother DK.

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