Jesus Great commandment Prayer – Akata

This prayer excites your threefold flame and invokes an ascension spiral of light within your heart.

I AM loving the Lord my God with all my heart And with all my mind and with all my strength

And with all my soul, and I AM loving my neighbor as myself.

I AM serving the Lord my God with all my heart and with all my mind and with all my strength and with all my soul, and I AM serving my neighbor as I serve my Higher Self.

The ego fears Love more than anything else. It likes to play with the appearance of Love, the glamour and spectacle of Love. It LOVES to talk about Love, but in Truth, it will run and hide and put up the Armageddon fight when it sees Real Love coming.

Because Pure Love completely obliterates all illusions of an individual self that is separate from the rest of Life. Pure Love levels any false ideas about being Superior or Inferior in any way!

Pure Love dissolves judgement and in its place, Vision arises… beyond the duality of discernment. It is rooted in Forgiveness and gives it before it is ever asked for. It sees beyond right or wrong and holds space for it all because in Reality, it can never be lost, compromised, broken or betrayed. It trumps EVERYTHING.

In the Presence Of Love we are brought Home deep within where I remember I AM the Heart Of God. only to realize we never really left but in our mistaken alignment with fear. Love eradicates all traces of blame, criticism, judgement, arrogance, self-importance, boasting, jealousy, wound projecting, shame and all manners of division rooted in fear.

Pure Love dismantles the delusion that there is something or someone to fight against accept itself. When Love takes over and the false sense of who we are has been cast into Love’s Fire, WHO WE REALLY ARE shines through and begins to rise as the Hero we’ve been trying to create from the outside in all along.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not YET made perfect in LOVE.

Love NEVER fails.

In Love We Share,


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