Archangel Gabriel’s Invocation  

ArchAngel Gabriel’s Invocation + Aspirations – Akata


I bring you glad tidings from the realms of Light. I am the one you know as Gabriel. I come from on High as an over-lighting presence to assist you in the delivery of this work unto the Earth plane. I come forth into this space to assist the minds and hearts of many beings so that these words and awakening energies may be received in a manner that truly uplifts and empowers. I also bring greetings, as is appropriate from time to time, from the Archangelic Councils of Light and all other hosts, who bring support to the continued unfolding of this work. I walk with you, in this your day, as I have walked with you in seasons past.

May all beings remember the way of love and Oneness.

I am Gabriel. I bid you fond farewell.

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