First email by me at the end of Oct 2021.

I am writing to you to ask your permission in sharing what you have told me in private. I will explained in details as it is not so straight forward.

Since the 88 Lions Gate meditations something has shifted in me. There was this vision of a girl walking alone in front of the Pyramids, under the blood red sky or moon, the Pyramids were red, so as everything else. Even this girl dress was red (or the cloth draped around her, it feels Indian or African).  The same scene stay with me ever since.

After our chat, there was that voice inside telling me to read ‘The Pale One’ again. Now I have much different understanding, than came the page where I found you. What is  more, this girl walked up to me……..

More to come, Claire Heartsong books are with me for a long time. The first book gave me goosebumps while listening to Barry voice. The second book, next to my bed for months, I know I want to read it, but putting it down every time.

Not this time, after The Pale One, I went straight into it. It took me more than 3 weeks to finish it. Lots of contemplation as you can understand. Sometimes I simply have to stop reading as I was crying. I am extremely scared, many details I have seen in my mind’s eye before reading the book. I have seen the Tor Avalon, before I know it is Tor Avalon.

So with your permission, I would like to explain in more details. I come to understand that it is not so much importance was I one of the Mary, or being one of the Essene-Magdalenes, or even being a blood or spiritual lineage. It is letting out secrets, to speak the truth that is being asked of me (this I will also further explain).

You see, you are one of the many telling me all sorts of secrets, and I am extremely good at it, I take it very seriously. Now I understand I have been doing it eons of lifetimes.

My deep gratitude again.

Second email by me after permission obtained from the first email and the response in Blue colour.

Dear Akata

I feel the easiest way to respond is to reply directly onto  the email you sent- you will see the response in blue as you scroll down and you will find them

There is still so much confusion or contradiction  in my mind. The resistance is/was strong. The Ego says: let’s see who you were. The Mind says: are you crazy, why bother?  Then there is another voice, more subtle, more inward, holding on some Light, seems out of reach, but here at the same time.   

The more you can settle into that subtle inner voice the more you are aligning with your I AM Presence.

The other day after my reply, in the afternoon, all of the sudden my right ear started to inflame very strongly, then vibration on my head and hand. I have no choice but to sit down and write.

 Here is the conversation with St. Germain: ………

Be brave my dear child. Now that you have started and written of your findings. Do not chicken out Now. Look inside your ‘I Am’, is there always inside you, guiding you even when you didn’t know. In your childhood, you could have ended up in so many unpleasant and difficult situations. Your ‘I Am’ has guided you back out of danger.

 You are not crazy. Your right ear is in inflammation, because we are trying so hard to communicate with you while you are trying equally hard to ignore all possible channel. Then you think you are not able to do it!

 This was only one of your life, an important one, but one of the many.

Me:  What is being asked of me?

To be your True Self. When the time come, you speak Truth, you heal the past, so you heal the future.

 Should I start the Boot camp and I Am authority?

Does it really matter? What is your ‘I Am’  telling you? Fly high my dear, do not limit yourself.

It is not the Akata of this life time we are dealing with, you know full well it is the Akata of many life times we are dealing with. Go my child, no time to waste. Go.

 Your Beloved

St. Germain

Is it really possible St Germain use the term: chicken out??? The inflammation was easing very quickly afterward.  

The inflammation of the ear sounds like the Throat chakra being stimulated – opening to more energy exchange – when held back it can cause a build up of energy such as you describe.

 I don’t think it is important for me to list all that I see in my mind eyes, especially after experiencing what is happening in the last few days. 

I agree your inner seeing is for your growth and discernment.

 Last Thursday, during a deep meditation, I saw this:

After a serious of scenes (something like the summary of one life before one die), then I was settled with the Great Gathering.. calm and serene. Then I saw a group of people in Hooded cloaks calling me, saying: SPEAK, SPEAK THE TRUTH….. I was flying with my dragon, up up above the sky. First I thought I was running away, then I know I am flying high, I am coming Home. I was flying toward the Sun.     

In truth we are all being downloaded with more Light whether aware or not and each one of us will interpret this in our own way – but the message is the same we are returning to Source – we are the bridges anchoring the Light into this Plane.

 After that, my neck has a very severe allergic reaction.  

Again indicates the activation of the throat chakra.  

At night, I still hold much emotion inside my heart, then I broke down in crying. It is Surrender being asked of me. The surrender of the Ego self, the personality, and simply let myself Be, and be guided. And I started to speak with Grandmother….. Same thing here, the allergic reaction subside…  

The purification of old energies held within the body are being released as the Ego no longer holds onto defence patterns and the need to justify.   So much energy goes into this patterning – but surrendering into the Truth of who we all are – pure Consciousness – which is to be found in the stillness and silence of the I AM – is the process of returning back to Source.

 After much contemplation, reading the book has certainly give me much clarity, I was there, does it matter who I really was, or blood/spiritual lineage? Or is it more important I make this leap of Faith and play my part? 

Interesting that you have chosen this phrase – Leap of Faith.  This need to deeply trust is being highlighted within your energetic system – you will see more about this further on.    

I choose to come back this lifetime, maybe many more other lifetimes to be here today, Am I not?!  The Great Divine Director Master Rakocsy was saying something similar in the 4th December study right?     

Our past lifetimes which have brought us to this point in time, culminate in this moment in time and the only point of Power and relevance, is this moment in time.   Being in the present moment consciously aware of how we are informing the collective consciousness is of more relevance, whilst unfolding and integrating the potentials from past life experiences/timelines which are held within our DNA energetic system.

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