Petition to the Lords of Karma

I have written a Petition to the Teton Retreat Karmic Board:

Beloved Karmic Broad and Lords of Karma,

‘I Am’ Akata Sun Light, born Cheung Yin Chie, became Genevieve.

Tonight, with the blessing of our Mother and Father God, ‘I Am’ sending you the Petition of the end of year 2021.

This year ‘I Am’ truly blessed beyond measure. ‘I Am’ being given this unrepeatable opportunity to find our Mother and Father God, and hence, to find the way HOME.

‘I Am’ blessed with the Path of studying with the  EGA and together with so many Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, the Magdalenes and many more as our guidance and protection.

‘I Am’ blessed with the Vision given by our Mother/Father God of the new Radiation Centre. I have tried several times to write the Proposal. Now I realized that I am/was not fully ready or awakened enough to express all the love and good intention inside my heart.

So dear Karmic Broad and Lords of Karma, ‘I Am’ not rushing to send you this Particular Proposal. And knowing that when I am/will be ready, I can send it to the Councils of Light any time knowing that I can rely on your assistance and guidance. Until such time, ‘I Am’ to keep this Vision very close inside my heart.

‘I Am’ can nevertheless, ask you dear Lords to secure this place, so that I can bring it into Precipitation.

Now ‘I Am’ sending you this Petition, asking to activate my Divine Blueprint, my cellular DNA and Atom.

‘I Am’ asking you every opportunity and means to acquire all necessary wisdom and knowledge for me to accomplish my Divine Plan.

To do this, ‘I Am’ also asking you Beloved Lords of Karma to clean, clear, cancel all my Karmic records, core and consequences, in all my past, present and future lives. So that ‘I Am’ to walk on this Earth Karmic Free and as such Free to carry out the Divine Plan.

In addition, ‘I Am’ also sending petition to Beloved St. Germain to be taken to his Cave of Symbols, to sit in the Atomic Accelerator, and if the Master see fit, also to stand before the Cosmic Mirror and enter the room of the Sphere of Light. I leave this totally and completely to the judgement / discernment of Beloved St. Germain.

From my part, I pledge my covenant, giving all my good intention, concentration, in every thought, word, and Love In Action.

To complete the study of the ‘I Am’ Authority Discourses Classes with upmost application.

To Honour and Surrender to my ‘I Am’ God Self.

I know full well it is easy to say but hard to accomplish. When from time to time my 4 lower bodies fall back into the Human consciousness, I ask Forgiveness, and bring my ‘I Am’ back to the Christ Consciousness. If sometime I do not realize or understand, blinded by Glamour or ignorance, please please please help me to understand.

At this moment, I think it is all that ‘I Am’ can ask from you, dear Lords of Karma. If there is something more could be added to my petition, either through you or from other Ascended Masters’ suggestions, please add it/them automatically into this Petition.

‘I Am’ no longer Seek that which is Seen

‘I Am’ to Seek that which is Unseen

May I pass every Test!

May ‘I Am’ Follow the Path of Least Resistance




In Love We Share

Akata Sun Light

18 December 2021

Full Moon

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