I Ching 32 Hexagram

Now let’s see the 32nd  Gua/Hexagram in the Chinese I Ching:

 卦 32,恆  heng, 有 恆 Long Lasting, Thunder above, Wind below.

When look closely on the ideograph of the Chinese Character, two horizontal lines on top and at the bottom, represent the two shores of a river. Between the shores, there are two images – a boat on the right, and a heart on the left. Three people are sailing across the river in the boat. In ancient China, crossing a river was not an easy task. An old Chinese saying describes the situation: “People in the same boast share weal and woe.” 同舟共濟,患難與共

Sharing weal and woe means working together in full cooperation with a United Purpose – with One Heart. The ancient sage placed a heart beside the boat, from beginning to end, everlasting. The ancient sage followed the Tao of Heaven to establish the Tao of Humanity, the function of Heaven and Earth. The relationship of Heaven and Earth is interactive and everlasting.  天 (Heaven) 地 (Earth)

The message of this Gua is that sincerity, purity and unselfishness are the essential elements of the long-lasting relationship.

The main theme of this Gua is stated by Confucius:

Sun and Moon rely on the Tao of Heaven;

Thus can their shining be long lasting.

The four seasons change and transform;

Thus can their production of beings long endure.

The holy sage remains long lasting in his way of life;

Then all thins under heaven are transformed to completion.

Contemplate the Tao of Long Lasting,

To see the nature of Heaven of Earth and of all beings.

彖曰:恆,久也。 剛上而柔下,


恆亨無咎,利貞﹔ 久於其道也,

天地之道,恆久而不已也。 利有





So we can see from some 3000 years ago, in a more concentrated Chinese ancient wisdom, we could trace more or less the same Theme in this  ‘Gua’, in preserving, and long lasting efforts in bringing harmony of all creations between Heaven and Earth.  Can be really interesting in looking in details at the rest of the Gene Keys in comparison with the Ancient ‘I Ching’.

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