Gene Keys and Sue Chart Reading

We are looking at the following information from Gene keys and Sue comments during our meeting, they are as perfect as it can be, I will only put little notes where is strictly needed.

Gene Keys – MY GENIUS

My Life’s Work – what I’m here to do – Gene Key 32 Failure to Preservation to Veneration

Gene Key: With this Gift as your Life’s Work, you need to feel part of a broader pattern. Support from those you trust is one of the great keys in your life. Above all, you need to find what it is that you want to preserve for future generations. If you are raising a family, it is far more important for you to give your children high principles and a feeling of respect for life, than it is to give them financial freedom or economic support. You have a deep and natural instinct for long-term investments, especially in terms of where you put your own energy. If you can expand your horizons to encompass the whole planet, you will find greater fulfillment and, in the long term, greater financial return through the karma you accrue.

Sue: Because you have these 5 planets energy, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun in Libra.

In 2006 Pluto came to make a 90 angle to your natal Pluto at 26* Virgo which is conjunct your South Node in the 12th House.  The South Node point is the karmic consciousness created through previous lifetimes, which we come to integrate with the North Node, which is the spiritual focus and purpose for this incarnation.

The South Node point in your chart links to the Gene Key of shadow of oppression, leading to transmutation, and to transfiguration.   So in this lifetime you came in to transmute the ancestral lineage of oppression.

Akata: The angry driving force could have been the danger to blind my vision forever. The FEAR of FAILURE did serve me to push myself forward in the past. Fortunately, the intuition is always there, pushing the direction where to find Light. Doesn’t matter what the outer world pressure, or I don’t understand it at the moment, just keep on going. A Faith in trusting the intuitive side of me!

My Evolution – what I’m here to learn – Gene Key 42 Provocation to Dynamism to Liberation

Gene Key: With this Gift as your Evolution, you have a challenge in life to finish what you have begun. Not only must you finish what you have begun, but you must finish it cleanly, which means to say that you have to let it go.

Endings may be challenging for you, but they are also very beautiful. They give you the opportunity to begin another journey. The trick for you is to make sure that each new beginning has its root in the old ending. In other words, there is great continuity to everything that happens to you in life. The only danger you have is breaking out of patterns too early or hanging on to patterns too long. If you break the pattern too soon, you have to begin all over again with the same pattern until it is finished with you, rather than you thinking that you can finish it! On the other hand, if you hang on to things too long, you break the continuity that leads to the next organic unfolding in your life. The most important thing for you is to let life live through you, and enjoy every experience without trying to exert too much control.

Sue: Since 2006, Pluto has been steadily making an ongoing 90* aspect to each of the five Libran planetary energies of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun, in your chart, having now finally made a final square to your natal Sun on 11th December 2021.

Starting in 2006 and finishing in December 2021, everything that no longer serves you is stripped away, it is like a metamorphosis going on for you.   A long period to experience Plutonic energy.

So, in this lifetime, your Soul chose for you a life of major transformation and realignment of your consciousness.

Akata: What can be better describe with the changing of names and countries along the way. Interestingly, Italy is so far the country I live the longest period. Maybe now there is no need to change of country, but Dimension!

In term of finishing what I have begun, this Vision that I have, the Radiation Centre for the New Children, is very much connected to another vision that I have before that! I don’t get to choose which past lives or vision to look at, they came to me. Maybe there is something I need to understand, or put my attention to. I saw a girl walking across the Red Sea, picking up children along the way, who was left behind or lost the sign of their parents. I simply picked them up one by one, forming a group. When we crossed the sea, some of the children didn’t survive. Little graves were dug up, and I could feel her sadness. She did try to provide some kind of protection and shelter for the little ones! ‘Am I’ here to finish this mission…. then again, the mission to protect our children has never gone very far! Time to bring it into Manifestation.

Sue has also pointed out that my evolution, which is Gene Key 42,  is to assist people to lose their fear of death..  So hopefully you are one of those souls to teach people there is no such thing as death.

Samadhi: To learn to die before you die!

My Radiance – what keeps me healthy – Gene Key 56 Distraction to Enrichment to Intoxication

Gene Keys: With the 56th Gift governing your health, you need to travel in order to maintain optimum health. Travelling does not mean literally moving from place to place, although this will always be important for you. Travelling for you means to travel through different experiences with different people, learning and sharing different things, rather than being stuck with the same old people in the same old place, doing the same old thing! Your other great gift is the ability to divert others away from their suffering — although you never do this from a place of denial of suffering. You simply have a knack of putting things into a different perspective. Your health and well being depend on your ability to sustain this humorous perspective. There is nothing healthier for you than true laughter.

Sue: You came in with Chiron and Eris in Aries and with this position there is a wounding in that you are not given the appreciation of who you are – you may be seen as creating trouble or difficulty.  Aries links to the individual to the sense of ‘me’ and when Chiron is in Aries then this sense of individuality can be wounded.

In your case, Chiron is also making an opposition to Venus, to Uranus, and to Mercury.  This wounding of your  unique gift, (Uranus) may have resulted in your being under attack as a child for the way that you expressed yourself (Mercury).

When you work through the wound (Chiron) there is a true potential for you to bring the higher mind (Uranus), and the lower mind (Mercury) together, and the way that you think, the way that you express yourself allows you to bring a very healing energy (Chiron) to all that you meet and equally you can bring this gift into the service of the collective.   

In truth the only wound that we have as a humanity, is that we have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten that we are Spirit embodied.

Akata: How did my experience in childhood serve me?

Not being Love, and this has become my purpose in searching the meaning of Love,  how to Love, to Love unconditionally. My distress during childhood, has also become the pillar where my attention for children. The suffering that is around the world, the atrocity that is being done right up into our days. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!

My Purpose – what deeply fulfills me – Gene Key 60 Limitation to Realism to Justice

Gene Keys: You will never find your purpose in the past or the future. For you, purpose is always in the here and now. However you feel, whatever you are doing, that is your purpose. The worst thing for you is to ponder the purpose of your life! If you are feeling low, then your purpose lies within that feeling. If you are high and life is bursting with potential, then your purpose is being expressed through your creativity. You are a leaf on the wind — your life does not belong to you but to the stars and the tides and the music of nature. You are an artist and life is your easel. You are a poet and life is your poem. You are the structure, and you have to let life play through you without judging or controlling the music that emerges. There is nothing that you can do or say that will change life, so you may as well just learn to love it and breathe it in every waking moment.

Sue: Pluto is so profound in your chart, working all the way through on Gene Key 6 Conflict to Diplomacy to Peace

The gift is about constant balancing the opposite energies. All of that Libran energy is always about the balancing, with the underlying purpose, with Pluto trying to bring through, to bring peace. The only thing is permanent is this world is the essence of your Self, your Soul.

Chiron takes 50 years to go around the Sun,  and your Chiron return in 2019, was a time of initiation.  You have a natural drive in you, the cardinal energy, has the ability to get things moving, to get things done.  With all of that Libran energy and with Mars in Capricorn square to both Jupiter and the Sun, you have an abundance of drive and disciplined action.

The most important thing that you can do, is to become what you know to be the truth, to become it, then your auric fields just naturally start to affect the environment around you.

Akata: So what is my Purpose? Is the manifestation of this Radiation Centre my sole purpose to be here and now?

I am writing this much later, after I have almost finished the whole Book and revisited many times. There was something more profound to ponder upon before I can express about the Purpose. It could be much easier if I simply accept that by bringing into manifestation of this Radiation Centre is my Soul Purpose, then be at peace with myself. During the process of writing this book, and later on how I need to confront the past fear and present illness. I come to understand that, hard may it seems already of this Petition/Project, it is not IT!

In a broader aspect, to bring the Truth out, to stand for the Truth no matter how hard it seems is being one. If we consider the crazy difficult time that we are living in the last 2 years or so, and may be more to come. By standing up to the Truth and going against all Odds and Matrix. This is my privilege to stand with thousand of you together. This is the Purpose of our lives, to keep the ‘LIGHT’ shinning. In darkness, we only need a spark of light, and darkness no more!

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