Gene Key 32

Now I would like to go back on My Life’s Work – Gene Key 32 Failure to Preservation to Veneration. From my very limited understanding, on analyzing the Profile chart, the Life’s Work is right on top of the chart, where the ULTIMATE PURPOSE  of one’s Life reside.

“When we trust in life enough, we begin to trust in the events of our lives too. We allow them to shatter us, and that re-frames our view. We realize that this impulse to preserve what we love has a whole new field to live in. What is essential? That is the great inner question.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

Shadow – Failure – The Myth of Failure

True success means no longer being ruled by the concept of success and failure. If you are not in control of your mind or aware of its power, then your mind will run you life and which means that fear will run your life. To raise the consciousness of the mind is to escape the grip of all fear. We no longer have to ‘react’ to them.

The 42nd GK shadow represents the inability to let go and it is connected to the theme of death itself. The very codon group and the ring of illusion – is based on the illusion of death through its ally, the 28th GK.

When you raise your frequency beyond the reach of concepts, such as success and failure, you remember that all of life moves in a great Cosmic Pattern. As you let go into this pattern you always find your natural support with it.

Losing all sense of the continuity in life, this is a state based on anger – the anger that there is nothing to support you but yourself.

(Akata: the angry child!)

Gift – Preservation – The Art of Grafting

Noble Gift as seeing beyond your own little World, going beyond Selfishness, and Knowing what to keep ‘Alive’.

The Preservation of Life

Raise above the fear and move beyond the Selfish tendencies of the shadow frequency, be the most vehement Defenders and Preserves of our Earth

Success at the Gift level is about economy, and economy comes from being in harmony rather than in competition. (from individuality to Group Unity)

From a profound understanding of the Ring of Illusion, to see the dilemma that Humanity currently faces.

As we listen to the great wisdom of our ancestors and of the indigenous tribal cultures, we will once again find our correct Inner Spirit.

Once we have this as our anchor, we can Graft our modern technologies onto the old wisdom and the result will be truly Transcendent. This is the great secret of preservation.

(Akata: for this part, I do feel a strong calling, not only this Preservation of Life of the New Generation – New Children. Since Rule 12, Astrology has given me a new focal point in understanding our world. With Gene Keys which is based on ancient I Ching, which has been badly used in this modern world. It has become nothing more that a means for Divinity. While the ancient wisdom teaching, and its profound understanding of our universe has been largely ignored. It may be a coincidence that I am a Chinese Origin, and more than that I learn the Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong, rather then the Simplified Chinese in China. Knowing the Traditional Chinese is fundamental  to comprehend the very Essence of Chinese language, ideograph characters. What I read today, was basically the same written 3ooo years ago. While the Simplified Chinese invented by the Communist, is a means to reduce its population into ignorance slave mentality.)

(The example I always used is the word of Love:

In Traditional Chinese 愛, where in the middle of ideograph, you can find the part Heart 心. In order to love, you need a heart.

In Simplified Chinese 爱. looky looky what they have taken out, the Heart part! If the main mission in pushing Simplified Chinese is to save time, there are other part that they can have taken out, why the Heart part? So people little by little, don’t know how to Love any longer!

This  I feel very much my mission, as we in Hong Kong, together with Taiwan, are 2 tiny places in the world to keep on using Traditional Chinese, to stop this Culture Genocide. Maybe  by studying the I Ching with the new interpretation of Gene Keys, I can find  a way to re-introduce I Ching in the Spiritual Way that has been forgotten in thousands of years.

Oh mine, this is one of those situation, which I pray for the Magic Key to bring back our DNA encodements, our memories, so we don’t need to study everything anew! Well, ‘I Am’ on my way, so be it.)

Siddhi Veneration – The Perfume of Consciousness

From a negative pattern (fear and anger) transformed into a beneficial force simply by raising the frequency and pressing into Service of the Whole, Service as an Expression of Love.

“the gradual transformation of ancient karma is like watching a saucepan of water slowly coming to a boil. For a considerable amount of time, nothing appears to be occurring. At a certain point, however, you sense a great pressure, building within the saucepan, and you see the telltale signs that something big is about to happen – vapour begins to rise, a tangible heat begins to emanate, tiny bubbles prick the surface.

When the explosion finally happens, it happens all at once and appears to be unstoppable.”

(Akata: How appropriate this description of boiling water, it is very much my experiences in the last 6 months!)

One day you reach an incarnation in which a great sense of something impending begins to surround you. Your life is littered with the signs and promises of a great and impossible sounding dream. You feel the pressure of this other reality more than you ever have before, and during these last stages, you find tests are the most intense, as the most ancient vestiges of your karma and burned White-Hot from your very DNA.

When the supernova finally occurs in you, your identity and even your gifts are crushed as a new field of service emerges through you.

It is the Tree of Life – that Shamanic Bridge between the Realms.

The 32nd Siddhi responds to a lineage, the lineage that resonates the deepest inside the body. If we’re ready to be the host, then the wisdom will come and live with us. We become a lineage holder, a guardian, a chodak in the Tibetan tradition, and mutate the wisdom as it mutates us. We become venerable, because others see that the wisdom has taken up residence in us.

Wisdom will put us through a very rigorous series of tests! If we’re bot able to surrender and be humbled, then the transmission will not be able to stay inside us. It takes a lot of self-discipline.

Now the lineages are crisscrossing, as though they have a new kind of network. It’s as though underground springs are popping up in the collective gene pool and suddenly a lineage arises in someone who never had formal spiritual training. It’s more to do with our ability to listen inwardly to the Truth inside us. We have to learn how to Pause and Listen Inwardly to life. (Ponder upon this!)

Ours is a vital life, a precious life, a delicate thread between the past and the future. Follow the gentle pulse of Truth inside you, the higher purpose hidden in your DNA!

(Akata: There is so much more I could have brought forth the beautiful and wisdom teachings of Richard Rudd. As many others, we are born with our shadow’s stage, it is up to us in this lifetime to go further into the Gift and/or Siddhi stages. Here I need to remind myself to be very much aware of the Ego’s claw.

The best attitude  one can assume is knowing Astrology and Gene Keys are the potential one can inspire and accomplish with much dedication and determination. And one thing I usually do, there is no use in thinking about those contributes constantly. One only need to keep on moving, and commit with the  Will and Love aspects in just about everything that we do.)

Returning to the Birth chart consultation with Beloved Sue, she asked a question which I was not completely able to elaborate the depth: did I struggle between the Saturn and Uranus energies?

“In your case, the Moon came in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, so it is a natural affinity with the Higher Mind, there is a natural in doing things differently, to do your own thing, to be somebody bringing new ideas, breaking  the pattern. That is deeply embedded in you, as in unconscious natural reaction.

The time of your birth, the Moon in Aquarius,  90* aspect to Saturn. Saturn has a totally different energy. Saturn need to do thing correctly perfectly, doesn’t like to rock the boat. Did you struggle during your childhood.”

This I have contemplated upon for quite a while, also by analyzing not only my childhood, but my life in general. There are those people born rebellion, they want to break, to change completely the system. Sometimes by pure Force. Then there are those for the sake of ‘Harmony’ or ‘Survival’ accept what their environment, systems imposed on them.

Then there is a portion of people try to reform the system by understanding it, studying it, and being a part of it! You see, one need to have good understanding of WHAT’S GONE WRONG! Is all old system = evil? Nothing to preserve? This also bring me to the Gene Key 32. Preservation: retain what is good in the Old and transform it into the New.

Then again, very much depends on our stage of consciousness, we are not always so strong to stand apart from the society. It is an easier way to be part of the ‘NORMAL’, part of the system. In my childhood, while struggling deeply for not being accepted, the BLACK SHEEP, it could seems so much more inviting to be ‘ORDINARY’!

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  1. This Visual here has given Rise to Memories, of where I can not connect those dots, but there is a Knowing within this Visual; so happy to see this!


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