Progress chart for the next 2 years

Sue: Progress chart which looks at where the planets are. By progression this year, you have many things going on. Vesta, Chiron, Pallas triangle for the next 2 years.

Aspect, particular powerful over to next year.

Chiron the healing powerful, in you case is in your mind.

Pallas  Athena, you capacity to use your mind into healing, instrumental, bring about change. Brings in intuition, focus, flashes of insights, and how you use your higher mind.

Vesta links into the flame within, the links into the spiritual essence you carry from lifetime to lifetime. The pivotal point of your chart, for the next few years. So it will be the focal aspects for the next couple of years, at least.

Vesta, incarnation of the light, bringing the light from generation to generation, Gene key 29, leaping into the void. Whole hearted in what you are doing. Open to a deep connection to the life force within. Carrying the flame within you. Pure consciousness.

Gene key 29 – Halfheartedness – Commitment – Devotion

This year, transiting Neptune has been passing over your North Node, which is the Soul’s focus in this lifetime, which would account for your increasing awareness of the metaphysical spiritual side of life.    The North Node in your chart is on GK 22, which along with Gene Key 55 is central to the evolution that is occurring on planet Earth, so worth contemplating on this and all the other Gene Keys that are part of your energetic makeup.

22nd – Dishonour – Graciousness – Grace

55th – Victimization – Freedom – Freedom

Akata: There you go, the Freedom, let’s keep on going. Don’t have much excuse but bring this Petition forward and into Precipitation, shell we?

Let Go, and Let God

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